Lisa's students fall into 2 categories

  1. Families that are caregivers needing to learn about all things care and coping.
  2. Professionals that work in healthcare settings where their clients discharge with care needs.

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"Learning this information changed the way I handle my caseload."

Stress, Frustration and Guilt - The results of Caring too much

Learn what is normal emotions when you are a caregiver. Understand what steps you can take to provide the necessary self care to help you be the best caregiver possible to your loved one.

Planning Ahead so that Your Decisions are Yours

This course will allow families to understand what planning to put into place to ensure they are ultimately having their own wishes made, not someone they don't know.

Paying for Care without Going Broke

Veteran's Benefit Information



Long Term Care Insurance

Paying out of pocket

Find out the best ways to pay for care and what you need in place before you need care.

Hi, I’m Lisa

Lisa Doyle is a registered nurse who has worked with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, hospice, dementia, multiple sclerosis and stroke care before founding CayCare, Elder Care & Senior Living Advisors in 2005. Since founding CayCare Lisa began teaching families and professionals how to care for their loved ones and caregivers how to perform various aspects of care, coping and placement.